Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update

Well I've not been too good at updating on my pregnancy but I have been taking pictures almost weekly so at least I can look back and see how much I've grown.  I'm currently 34 weeks and feeling pretty good other than being tired a lot.  I'm sleeping much better than I was at this point with Patrick so I'm very grateful for that.  There have been a few nights here and there that it's been hard to fall asleep but that's usually been when I drink a lot of water right before bed and have to keep getting up to potty.  I don't know what it is (I had the same issue with Patrick) but at night, especially as soon as I lay down in bed, I get so I haven't drank anything all day kind of thirsty.  

Photo Progress:

32 weeks with Patrick and 32 weeks with Madeline
I've been going to the chiropractor almost every week and that's helping a lot to keep my hips in check and my back feeling good.  So far I'm not really having any specific food cravings other than just wanting to eat ALL DAY LONG...any and every thing! I'm doing much better with drinking water recently, I've doubled my water intake during the day so I think that's helped me stay hydrated and feeling good as well.  

I had a check up on Tuesday and Madeline's heartbeat was 153 which was good and everything seems to be moving right along.  I go back in 2 weeks and I'll have the group B Strep test performed, then it's on to weekly check ups until she arrives! It's hard to believe in about 6 weeks our sweet girl will be here but I am ready.

I had been having some anxiety about "juggling" two children and how Patrick would adjust to not being the soul winner of my attention but the last week I've really chilled out and I'm just excited for her to be here and our family to adjust to a new normal.  I know it will be difficult for awhile but we'll figure it out and I think Patrick is really going to like helping me with the baby.  

Two of my best friends gave me a baby sprinkle so I'll have to get the pictures uploaded so I can share those soon. It was so sweet and we have been so blessed with wonderful friends and family who bought sweet gifts for our girl.  

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