Monday, June 8, 2015

Baby Sprinkle

Heather and Becca, two of my best friends threw me a baby sprinkle at the end of April and it was so sweet. In case you aren't familiar with a baby sprinkle, it's basically a baby shower for someone who's already had a baby and is smaller than a typical baby shower.  I just invited some family and closest friends and I was blown away with the love "sprinkled" on me and my baby girl.

Becca.  She's very shy, can you tell?

Heather. She's expecting her baby boy at the end of June!
At first I felt really guilty about having a baby sprinkle since it's not my first baby.  It felt greedy to allow someone to throw a party for me and my baby since we really have all the basics already but my friends insisted and I'm so glad I accepted.  It was such a fun afternoon and we got so many wonderful things for our baby girl.
How sweet is this cake?!

My aunt Donna, Granny, and aunt Jackie

game time

My mama, she won the game!

Down south we love a good monogram!

I don't know why I make the WORST faces....these little pants are so cute!

I meant to get a good group picture but as usual, I forgot!!!!

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