Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recent Projects

I love to crochet in my spare time (nap time).  Right before I found out I was pregnant with Patrick my mom and I had started crocheting again.  Once I found out we were expecting, I was crocheting baby hats and blankets like it was my job!  They weren't the best quality or anything but it was a fun hobby and really got me into "nesting mode".

Since then, a lot of my friends have been having babies and I have enjoyed honing my skills and making more blankets and some hats.  I've been really bad about taking pictures of each mom tried to get me into doing this so I would have a record of all the ones I've made.  For whatever reason the time was never found and I ended up giving away most of the blankets, hats, and scarves without ever taking any photos.

I decided this might be a good space for me to record and keep track of my projects.  This week I finished a blanket for a guy I used to work with whose wife is expecting a little girl in a few months.

Large V Stitch

 I also started and finished a scarf for my good friend, Heather's daughter.

Bobble Stitch

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