Friday, August 1, 2014

Finding Joy Challenge

I decided to take the "Finding Joy Challenge".  Do you read the Finding Joy Blog?  I've read this blog for a little over a year now and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  So when Rachel said she was going to do a finding joy challenge I blindly accepted.  I thought it would be something fun.  HA!!!

I HATE HATE HATE pictures of myself!!!!!! I cannot stress it enough.  There are maybe 5 pictures of me that I have ever liked.  I have an issue with keeping my eyes open, I normally look like a drug addict because my eyes are either on the way to shutting or have just opened from a blink.  And even if my eyes are open and I look normal I am just not photogenic.  So naturally, the first challenge would be to take a SELFIE!

As if pictures of me aren't bad enough, let's make it worse by having me take it of myself! UGH! I honestly thought about just bailing out and not doing the challenge.  No one knew I was doing it anyway so who would know? But I felt like I need to get out of my comfort zone and who really cares if I post a horrible selfie on instagram, right?

Since I couldn't take a "serious" selfie, I made a stupid steps people, baby steps :)

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